What is the latest version of Norton?

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In April 2019, Norton Security was replaced by the NEW Norton 360.

As of September 16, 2019:

  • The latest version of Norton for Windows is version number¬† This patch version also applies to legacy Norton security software products, as follows:
    • Norton Security
    • Norton 360
    • Norton Internet Security
    • Norton Antivirus
    • Norton Security Online
  • The latest version of Norton for Mac is version number 8.4.3 Build 7

Updates are distributed through either Automatic LiveUpdate mechanism or manual application of LiveUpdate functionality.

To learn more about the latest Norton products and offers, visit the homepage of this website, or use the top navigation for International regions. More information can also be found at our Norton 360 Editions page where you can see Norton 360 Standard vs. Deluxe vs. Bundles with LifeLock, all compared one to another.


Norton 360 LiveUpdate

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