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Norton Management may show up on the list of installed programs on your computer. It may also refer to your Norton Account where you can manage all your subscriptions, devices, download Norton products, and retrieve your product activation keys. Here is more of what you can do/manage in your Norton Account:

  • Add or remove a device to/from your Norton account.
  • Install a Norton product on a device.
  • View Norton products that are installed on a device.
  • View the security status of a device.
  • Fix security issues on a device.
  • Purchase a new Norton product key.
  • Renew your Norton product subscription.
  • Uninstall a Norton product from a device.
  • Activate your product using another product key.
  • Upgrade your Norton products to the latest available version.
  • Update your billing information.
  • Change your billing preferences or renew your Norton protection.
  • Manage your account information.
  • Set up email notifications.
  • Receive email alerts when your device is at risk.


Norton Management: https://my.norton.com/

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