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Many people search for “Norton 800 number” as they want to contact Norton support via a phone line. Yes, in today’s digitized world, many still prefer to talk to a live person.

But before we jump to a straight answer, we would like to warn you about 800 numbers being advertised as Norton support numbers, while they’re not – at least they’re not an official Norton support numbers.

What is more, a caller may expect a hefty charge that can go up to several hundreds of dollars. We did receive questions about such charges, coming from Norton users that expected to get free support which is included with each valid Norton subscription.

The example of such has been reflected in our False Norton Support FAQ. Always be sure that you’re contacting the official Norton support.

Now, to answer the question about Norton 800 number, YES, you can call Norton support. The contact number will depend on your location. As a side note, it’s good to know that you can also use a chat option that is available via the Norton support page.

Calling Norton 800 Number

As Norton products and services are being sold worldwide, toll-free support numbers differ, depending on your geographic location. Therefore, Symantec asks you to fill the form first, before they serve you with the number to call. Here is the web page in English to start with:

Call Norton Support

Once on the page, you’ll see the form to fill, so you can get the 800 number to call. In United States, phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In some other regions, the support availability may not be 24/7.

An image of the form

Using Norton Chat Option

If phone option is not available, or if the wait time is too long, you may opt for a chat option that may be faster at that moment.
Norton chat support connection is initiated in the same way as the one over the phone, by filling the online form first.

Start Norton chat support session

An image of the start chat form

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