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A user may see a message “Coming Soon” after opening Norton Security main window. To fix this issue, try next:

  • Do a system restart. If this does not fix the issue, go to next step.
  • Turn off fast startup. (Control Panel > Power Options > System Settings > Uncheck the fast startup option). To get into the System Settings window, follow these steps:
    • Under Power Options click Choose what the power buttons do
    • Under System Settings click Change settings that are currently unavailable
    • Uncheck the Turn on fast startup option

    The fast startup automatically gets turned off if hibernation is disabled. Shut down your computer, and then turn it back on.

  • If the above did not help, try using the Norton Removal Tool in “Safe Mode.” This action will totally remove Norton Security. After the removal and restart, the tool will help you do a clean install of the software.


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