How to temporarily disable Norton Security?

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There are times when antivirus security software is in a way of users’ tasks. It can either be an interference with another program, or simply that every bit of free computer resource is very important at a certain moment.

For that reason, it is possible to temporarily disable (turn off) some of live protection features provided by Norton Security.

There are at least two ways of doing it properly:

Way 1

Making a right click onto Norton Security tray icon brings up a pop-up window with three options:

  • Turn on Silent Mode
  • Disable Smart Firewall
  • Disable Auto-Protect

Each of these can be used to prevent Norton Security from interfering with any of your tasks.

Disable Norton Security

Way 2

In Advanced Settings, you can also turn ON and OFF many of the Norton Security’s real time protection features.

Norton Security - advanced settings

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