How do I use the phone finder?

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Norton Mobile Security provides you different Anti-Theft features that you can use through web or SMS to find and protect your lost device:

Both SMS-based Anti-Theft and web-based Anti-Theft use the same passcode which is autogenerated when you register the device. You can Sign in to Norton to view or edit your passcode.

How do I use Anti-Theft features from the Norton Mobile Security website?

  1. Sign in to Norton.
  2. Under Choose a device to Manage, select the device that you want to use the Anti-Theft features for.
  3. In the Anti-Theft features pane, click one of the following features and follow the instructions to use them:
    • Lock Device#: Type a custom message that you want to be displayed on the device lock screen, and then click Lock Device.
    • Remove Screen Lock#: Click Remove Screen Lock to unlock your device.
    • Lost Mode#: Click Turn On Lost Mode to lock your lost device and automatically track, make audible sound, and take photographs, to help you find it.
    • Locate: Click Locate Now to display the current location of your device on the map.
    • Scream: Click Scream to make an audible sound from your device to find it.
    • Sneak Peek#: Click Take Photo using the front camera on your device.

      Sneak Peek feature availability varies by region. For Germany, Sneak Peek feature is completely disabled. For rest of the EMEA region, On-demand Sneak Peek option is not available. However, users can upload and display pictures when device is locked.

    • Wipe#: Click Wipe Device to delete all your personal data on the device in case you cannot find your lost device.
    • Call*: Click Call Phone to make an Internet call to your lost iPhone or iPad.

    #Features available only for Android devices

    *Features available only for iOS devices

  4. If you want to change your passcode, under the Anti-Theft Features pane, click SMS Commands. Type the new passcode and click Update.


How do I use the SMS Anti-Theft features?

SMS Anti-Theft features are available on Android phones only.

  • To use the SMS Anti-Theft features, send an SMS to your device in the following format:
    • lock xxxx
    • scream xxxx
    • locate xxxx
    • wipe xxxx

    Where xxxx is the four-digit unique Anti-Theft passcode for your device.

    The instructions on how to use the SMS Anti-Theft features are also displayed on each of the feature screen along with your passcode.

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