How do I contact Symantec/Norton for support?

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In most regions, personal live support from Symantec for Norton products is available in two ways:

  • Chat
  • Phone

These support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact Norton live support, start by visiting the main Norton Support web page.

Main Norton Support Page

At this page, you can click onto links or buttons for either chat or phone support. Links for the support via Facebook or Twitter are also available, as well as the link for Norton Forums.

Chat Support

In order to start a chat session, fill out the form first:

Phone Support

In order to get Norton support phone number to call, fill out the form first:

Support by Language

If you need to switch the language, follow the links starting at the bottom of the Norton support page (World map):


and then select your language from the list as per the screenshot below:

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