What is a Trojan Horse and How Do I Remove it from My PC?

What is a Trojan Horse and How Do I Remove it from My PC?

By: Emma Kavanagh

Trojan horses are some of the most frustrating viruses that you can get on your computer. Not only are they easy to pick up, they’re not always easy to find. On top of that, Trojan horses are irritating to get off of the computer once they’re there. However, they’re not impossible to remove.

What is a Trojan Horse

What is Trojan Horse?

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We’re not talking about the wooden horse here. Simply put, a Trojan horse is a virus that’s very destructive to your computer. It’s typically masked as a simple application. In most cases, you’ll download a Trojan horses believing that you’re installing a program that you’re interested in. However, it ends up as a harmful addition to your computer.

Some Trojan horses simply allow other viruses easy access to your computer. Others have more specific purposes. For example, a remote access Trojan allows the creator of the virus to remotely access your computer and take over once installed on a computer. Some are even made to disable or even completely kill your antivirus or firewall.

How to Find Trojan Horses

Are you concerned that you have a Trojan horse virus on your computer? There are a few ways you can go about finding out if your computer is infected. First, open your add/remove files. Go through each program listed. Is there anything you don’t remember installing? If so, research these items online; it could be something that is malicious.

If you feel that your computer is acting strangely, it’s also a smart idea to run your virus protection software. One reason that these programs are so successful is that they’re simply are difficult to find. However, if you run your virus protection software regularly, it’s more likely that you’ll stay

Removing Trojan Horses

If you find a Trojan horse on your computer, it’s crucial to get rid of it. There’s no real way to know what exactly the virus is doing, and the sooner you get rid of it, the better. If you find applications on your computer that you didn’t download, remove them. Make sure to remove all files and folders, otherwise the Trojan could be left.

If this doesn’t work, you may also use virus protection software to isolate the program or files. This will help ensure that the Trojan is not harmful to your computer as you remove it. Once you’ve deleted the associated Trojan program, make sure to restart your computer, to ensure that it has been completely removed. If you don’t do this, it can continue to work for the person who programmed it, and against you.

Keeping your computer clean of viruses comes with careful attention. If you have up-to-date, good virus protection you’re less likely to run into problems. In addition, always be wary of any programs you download to your machine.

What are some of the worst Trojan viruses you’ve come across? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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