My Top 7 Go-To Tech Sites

My Top 7 Go-To Tech Sites

By: Emma Kavanagh

Getting access to the latest technology news is difficult — there’s just so much to sort through. When you know which sources offer the most comprehensive information on today’s newest gadgets and innovations, then it becomes easier to keep up with the speed of technological evolution. There are plenty of places to get good technology news articles, but a few stand above the rest. Here are the best sources and sites for latest technology news:



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For a very long time, CNET has been one of the premier ways to get the latest information on technology all around the world. It started as a print magazine in 1994 and has gone on to become one of the most comprehensive and best technology news sites available. CBS Interactive recently acquired CNET and has dedicated a lot of financial resources towards making the website the top information source in the industry.


Crave is a subsidiary of CNET that is completely dedicated to the latest gadgets and consumer electronics news. This website is frequently updated because of the pace at which consumer electronics change. This is one of the best sites on the Internet for keeping up with the latest in mobile computing devices and their associated bugs and challenges.

Since 1996, the website has been one of the most respected review websites in the technology industry. The site does its best to maintain integrity without seeming partial to certain sponsors or manufacturers. It covers everything from home computing products to the latest in mobile computing devices.

PC World

PC World also started as a magazine and it still retains it a very popular monthly print edition. The title suggests that this website might remain partial to home and business computers, but it also features reviews, product information, and helpful articles on mobile computing devices as well.


TechDirt started as a simple blog in 1997 created to present information on how technology is changing the world around us. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense website that does its best to blend the worlds of technological innovation and politics, then this is the website you want to check out.


Lifehacker is a site that shows people how to use technology to improve their lives in practical applications. There are also plenty of articles on creative ways to use the latest gadgets to get things done and make life a lot easier.

Information Week

Information Week has been the premier source for enterprise computing information since it started out as a print magazine in 1979. Big players in the technology game use this magazine to find the latest corporate trends and reviews on software that every business needs.

It makes sense that the best place to find information on technology would be the Internet. There are plenty of comprehensive print magazines that have Internet components which combine to offer all the advice, articles, and reviews that you could ever need. This is the kind of information that will tell you how to make technology work for you and make your life easier.

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  1. I would add,,, & (all of which I learned about via the podcasts). Also, I really like using for managing the “feeds” from these sites and then I using the Buffer connector to queue things up into my Twitter or LinkedIn ‘output’ for the day.

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