Give Yourself an Extra Boost: The Benefits of PC Power Boost

Give Yourself an Extra Boost: The Benefits of PC Power Boost

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PC Power Boost is one of the most important features you can couple with the latest Norton software. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “power user,” odds are good you’ve heard of Norton Antivirus and the company behind it, Symantec. Symantec is one of the world leaders in antivirus protection and the only one I trust to keep my computer protected.

What most people DON’T think of when they think of Symantec is improving their computer’s overall performance … but that could be about to change. With Norton’s new “Power Boost” service, you can finally give your personal computer the productivity power you want from the most convenient, trustworthy source.

The Basics of What PC Power Boost Does For You

PC Power Boost is a centralized way to fine-tune technical options that can make your computer run slowly or crash if they’re misconfigured. Here’s a quick overview of what I found, and what you can expect when you try it out for the first time:

  • Better computer speed, whether you’re browsing or running software.
  • More hard drive space and free memory, including better RAM usage.
  • Improved settings for your PC that can contribute to smoother performance.
  • A clear, actionable overview of changes made, so you can review or adjust.

Why You Need PC Power Boost: A Quick Peek Inside Your Computer

Even if you don’t use your computer much, computers still slow down over time. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is hard drive capacity. As your hard drive becomes fuller, data is saved on more distant areas of the hard drive. That’s right: Although the drive is physically very small, it’s divided into “sectors” that can be easier or harder for the computer’s central processor to access. The further away the sector is, the longer it takes to read and the slower the computer responds.

You might think this is no problem if you don’t download much software or media the complete opposite of my download habits! But your web browser probably downloads parts of websites without even telling you to make it faster to load pages. When you’re done with your browsing session, these “temporary” files rarely get deleted. Instead, they just keep taking up more and more space.

That’s not all: Even when you take time out to delete items from your computer, the mechanical action of filling up and clearing out the different sectors of your hard drive causes the system to get disorganized. Before you know it, your computer – which is all set for peak performance when you first get it home from the store – is as cluttered as an unlabeled file cabinet. That means files take longer for the CPU to find, and load more slowly. Even turning your computer off and on can contribute to slowing it down!

Long story short: Your computer makes millions of tiny calculations every day, and has tens of thousands of components that help it run. Power Boost evaluates some of the most common maintenance issues and potential misconfigurations; then it fixes them for you quietly, in the background. Like so many Norton tools, it’s designed to run without you having to stop and supervise it, confirm what it’s doing, or deal with frustrating slowdowns while it works.

Power Boost Makes It Easier To Keep Up That “Like New” Speed

Sooner or later, computers wear out. There are dozens of major components inside your PC, and each of them has loads of delicate parts. But the truth is that most slow or poor performing computers have software problems the right tool can fix: Norton’s Power Boost is that tool.

Think twice before replacing anything in your computer, upgrading RAM, or getting a new hard drive. Odds are good that if your computer is only a few years old, but it already isn’t performing “up to specs,” the problem has to do with the software that runs your computer. Power Boost zooms in the common culprits and keeps your computer in great shape.

For the best in total PC protection – now including great performance tools, too! – be sure to check out Norton 360.

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