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Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup


As the first version of Norton Security has been released in September 2014, there has been a question popping up here and there: "Which is better, Norton Security vs. Norton Security with Backup?" or "Which is a better option for me: Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup?"


Now with the recent new releases of Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup, such questions become even more queried, and users and potential buyers look even more to compare products and see the benefits of Norton Security with Backup versus those provided by the Norton Security standard download.

In order to help in having a clear picture about products based on the standard Norton Security, we have built a table that compares this product family, showing the features and benefits that make them stand apart, making it easier to compare Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup. We've tried not to throw everything into the table, but only the core features that make the comparison job easier to do, and therefore easier to comprehend when you are considering a Norton product like Norton Security. When you compare Norton Security editions, make sure you are considering your backup as backup and restore features are provided by Norton Security with Backup only. This will allow you to have a far better idea of what is best for your needs.


Once you go over the data in the Norton Security comparison table, please read the notes that we have posted below the table. That will give you much better picture about those products, and help you decide which one suits your needs the best.



Norton Security
Norton Security with Backup
Full Price
(standard 1-year license)
A number of protected devices
(any OS combination)
Operating Systems supported
Windows, Mac OS® X, Android, iOS
Windows, Mac OS® X, Android, iOS
Viruses removed from your PC or Mac® or your money back - 100% guarantee1
Backup and restore
Online storage space
25 GB
Add more secure, online PC storage when you need more space2
Free 24/7/365 support3



From the above, here is how we can sort Norton Security related products when we compare them:

  • Norton Security includes protection for PC and Mac to provide security protection for Windows and OS X based computers. It also includes Norton Mobile Security product which covers Android and iOS based tablets and smartphones. This versatility makes Norton Security an excellent choice if you have multiple products. No backup and restore, nor online storage space is provided. Norton Security license is good for up to 5 devices. In United States*, its full price is $79.99.
  • Norton Security with Backup includes all what Norton Security comes with. In addition, it incorporates PC backup and restore features that come with the standard 25GB of secure online storage provided by Symantec. Norton Security with Backup license is good for up to 10 devices of your choice. In United States*, its full price is $89.99.

*(use the navigation at the top of this page to see the pricing in other regions)


When performing a Norton Security price comparison and considering dollar-to-dollar value, you should start with the kind of devices you would like to protect and how many there are. In the case where you need protection for up to 5 devices, and PC backup and restore and online storage space are not important to you, you're likely to be in the range of Norton Security product. As you make your Norton Security comparison consider if you need to cover more than 5 devices. If you do, your best choice when you compare Norton Security editions is Norton Security with Backup as it covers up to 10 devices. You'll certainly find Norton Security with Backup is a better choice for you if you need any kind of backup and restore services for your PCs. Plus, if you need online storage space, Norton Security with Backup again is better for you, as it provides 25 GB of online storage space. In conclusion, $10 more, PC backup and restore, and 25GB of online storage space sets Norton Security with Backup apart from Norton Security.


One thing to keep in mind is that we always have promotions going on. They're either in the form of a coupon or immediate discount. Coupons we provide for Norton Security and other products are usually applicable in certain regions only. They're listed at our Norton coupons page. Immediate discounts are also available in different regions when available, and they may apply to Norton Security standard edition or Norton Security with Backup. This is good to know as, for many, the price is an important factor when making a purchase decision. So, don't forget to factor in coupons when you make a Norton Security price comparison to get a good idea of how much you can save.



If you would like to compare Norton Security to similar products made by other vendors, see our
Norton Security vs. McAfee vs. Kaspersky vs. Trend Micro page.



1Restrictions apply. Availability varies by country. Must be enrolled in automatic renewal service online. See for details
2Additional prorated fee may apply
3Symantec provides free 24x7 chat and phone support for a period of one year. For full details, go to



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